C2E2 the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo

If you can't tell from the signage, the shirtless dude with a sword provides a clue
that you're about to enter... Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo.

Baby stroller vs. Steam Punk mobile unit.



Everybody wants to be a superhero.

Wait a second... is that a goth girl storm trooper?

Comic legend Jim Lee. I like his artwork, but not his ballcap.

Adam Kubert, what Marvel title hasn't he drawn?

Bill Willingham of Fables fame.

Richard Starkings, creator of Elephantmen.

Writer Garth Ennis and artist Jacen Burrows sign copies of their recent project, Crossed.
I picked up a copy and yep, Garth Ennis is still putting words to filthy, unspeakable horrors.

AAAHH!!! They got Linus!

A pair of Jokers.

Thank goodness, Batman has arrived.

Another Threadless sighting. Their fridge is definitely still running.

DeLorean. Still a classic.

Another classic sight.

They were auctioning off this fine piece of Iron Man armor.
This thing would totally look great next to my life-sized Terminator T-800.

Some dude was reading a comic to pass the time while getting a tatoo.
I couldn't decide whether this was cool or nerdy.

One of many comic shop booths selling old back issues.

It was good to see some kids are still awestruck by older comics from past decades.

Artist Alley. Guests included Mike Mignola, Geof Darrow, Ben Templesmith, David Finch and plenty more.

Big Tex gives a big smile talking to his fans.

Creator of Hellboy, Mike Mignola considers the Dragon Con with his family.

Writer and artist phenom Ben Templesmith looks harmless enough.

                It's always the quiet ones you have to watch out for. (he is the Devil)

David Finch draws a cover for a captivated fan.

Geof Darrow, the artistic genius behind Hard Boiled and others.

Geof Darrow signs my copy of Hard Boiled.

Who's "Geor" Darrow? You know, they could have spelled his name right on his name tag.

Local legend Art Baltazar shares a laugh with his fans.

This guy really looked like Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow.

And he really enjoyed playing the part too.

Chewbacca stands tall above Princess Leia.

Batman and Superman have each other's backs.

Wonderwoman stands by her man.


Dizzy from Gears of War.

Who will watch the Watchmen?

... especially when there are so many of them walking around??

Batman, the Joker, Superman and especially Poison Ivy received plenty of attention.

Superman would not stop looking at me. It was a little creepy.

Jack Sparrow was later spotted hitting on some ladies.

No costumed attendee was short on poses.